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Portronics SoundDrum 1 10W TWS Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker with Powerful Bass



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About this item

Brand Portronics Model Name SoundDrum 1 Speaker Type Bookshelf Connector Type Bluetooth Special Feature BIS Certified, Type C Charging, Handsfree Calling, 2000 mAh Battery Capacity, In-built FM, 8-10 hours Playback TimeBIS Certified, Type C Charging, Handsfree Calling, 2000 mAh Battery Capacity, In-built FM, 8-10 hours Playback Time About this item 10W Bass Sound Output: Portronics SoundDrum1 10W portable Bluetooth speaker is a game changer for all gatherings. It comes with 10W Bass Sound Output which creates great volume and can enlighten your party with great music and superb sound quality. TWS or True Wireless Stereo: This device is a great example for TWS or True Wireless Stereo. You can connect two speakers simultaneously. All you can do is activate TWS Mode and can connect two speakers where one speaker becomes the mother or main speaker and the other becomes child speaker which sync completely and create magic. Maximum Portability with FM: Portronics SoundDrum1 is the most portable and handy Bluetooth speakers that is really sleek in size and shape. It doesn’t take much space and can be carried on a hand bag as well. It is one device that is light weight and can be carried anywhere you want. The device has in-built FM for all the radio lovers. USB Music Mode: You can easily connect an external USB device to play the music. Just press the “M” button to activate the music mode and you can listen to your favorite music through this Bluetooth device.


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  • SKU-153698
  • : Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • : SoundDrum 1
  • : Type C Charging, Handsfree Calling, 2000 mAh Battery Capacity, 5-6 Hours Playback Time
  • : ‎350 g

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Product Information

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  • Amit Singla

Impressive Stereo Sound with TWS

The SoundDrum 1's TWS feature is a game-changer! The stereo sound it produces is impressive, providing a more immersive listening experience. Perfect for those who appreciate quality audio.

  • Chirag Bhut

Bluetooth 5.0 for Quick Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 on the SoundDrum 1 ensures quick and stable connectivity. I've experienced minimal lag, and the connection remains robust even when I'm a bit farther away from the speaker. A definite plus!

  • Selvam Mass

Powerful Bass, Crisp Highs

The 10W output on the SoundDrum 1 delivers powerful bass without overshadowing the crisp highs. It strikes a good balance, making it suitable for various music genres. I appreciate the attention to audio quality.

  • Rishi Shah

TWS Setup is Effortless

Setting up the TWS feature is effortless. The SoundDrum 1 pairs seamlessly with its twin speaker, creating a true wireless stereo setup. It enhances the overall audio experience, especially for those who want a surround sound feel.

  • Ranjan Kumar Mohanty

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Battery life on the SoundDrum 1 is commendable. It lasts for hours, and the TWS feature doesn't significantly impact the overall power consumption. A reliable companion for extended use.

  • Lubna

Durable Build, Quality Materials

The SoundDrum 1 doesn't just sound good; it's built to last. The durable construction and quality materials give it a premium feel. It can withstand a bit of rough handling, which is great for an on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Indira

Responsive Touch Controls

I'm a fan of the touch controls on the SoundDrum 1. They're responsive and add a modern touch to the user interface. It's intuitive and easy to navigate through different functions.

  • Anjali Sharma

Balanced Audio for Various Genres

The balanced audio profile of the SoundDrum 1 makes it versatile for various music genres. Whether I'm listening to classical music or EDM, the speaker adapts well to different soundscapes.

  • Lovely Bansal

Solid Investment for Audio Enthusiasts

For audio enthusiasts looking for a solid investment, the SoundDrum 1 checks the right boxes. With TWS, Bluetooth 5.0, and a well-balanced sound profile, it offers a comprehensive audio solution.

  • Purva Muley

Rich Bass and Clear Treble

The 10W output of the SoundDrum 1 delivers rich bass without compromising on clear treble. It strikes a good balance, making it suitable for various music genres. The audio quality is impressive for its size.

  • Sukumar

Great Value for TWS Enthusiasts

For TWS enthusiasts, the SoundDrum 1 offers great value. With its TWS capabilities, Bluetooth 5.0, and impressive sound quality, it's a speaker that caters to those looking for an enhanced audio experience.